Unity: in 2022, 115.7% more indie games were developed in Kazakhstan than a year earlier

Last year, independent Kazakh studios made games more actively than indie developers in any other countries. The number of new games from indie studios in Kazakhstan increased by 115.7% compared to 2021. This was reported by Unity in a recent report on the gaming industry.

The number of new games from indie studios has also increased significantly in Romania (85.2%), Poland (82.1%), India (68.9%) and Ukraine (66.9%).

The largest increase in new games from medium—sized studios was in Turkey – 260%. The second place went to Norway (200%), and the third — to France (196%).

Action was the most popular genre among indie studios. Next came puzzles and adventures. Studios employing more than 50 people preferred MMO, racing and shooters.

Unity understands indie studios as teams of 1-9 people. There are teams of 10-49 people under medium—sized studios.


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