White Nights: Mobile Games Conference

On June 14-15, 2012, White Nights: Mobile Games Conference will be held in St. Petersburg – the first and only international conference dedicated to mobile games in Russia. Not apps, not app stores, not platforms, but games on mobile platforms. The App2Top portal acts as the main information sponsor.

The entire color of the mobile gaming industry will gather in one place to share their experiences. In total, more than 300 participants and 16 speakers are expected, including well-known developers, major publishers, representatives of mobile platforms and manufacturers of mobile gadgets.

When compiling the program, preference will be given to specific cases – no advertising reports. At the moment, Richard Firminger (Flurry Analytics), Maxim Grinev (author and developer of the game Contre Jour, which has collected many international programs and received recognition from Apple) have confirmed their participation.

We invite you to register if you:

– an experienced player in this market;
– a developer who is just going to do mobile games;
– a novice specialist who wants to figure out what’s what and earn his first million.

The number of tickets is limited.

For the first time in history, the reports will be held in the evening – from 17 to 23 hours (at the same time it will be as bright as day!), and the business part of the first day will end with a party on the ship. You can be sure that the one with whom you decide to discuss something in an informal setting will not go anywhere from the ship!

We invite professionals in the field of mobile games and those who are just planning to connect their future with them!

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