Sessions in mobile apps: The US is losing ground

Flurry compared the number of sessions in January and October 2011 in different countries based on a study of more than 120 thousand mobile applications: the US is losing ground, gradually giving way to other countries.

The largest growth was observed in China: 870%. According to official data, more than 950 mobile phone users now live in China.

It can be noted that, for example, Russia is lagging behind by about 2 times in dynamics.

The following graph shows the distribution of the total number of sessions in the world by country: the USA, other top ten countries (Great Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and China) and all the others.

Despite the fact that in absolute numbers the number of sessions in the US doubled from January to October, the share decreased from 55% to 47%.

In the top ten countries, the number of sessions increased 2.7 times. As a result, their total share has grown to 31%.

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