Closed round tables — non-public discussions of top managers will appear at the WN Conference in St. Petersburg

The organizers of the WN Conference announced the format of closed round tables. It is focused exclusively on top managers of gaming companies and assumes the absence of listeners.

The participants of the format — 7-10 people — meet in a narrow circle and discuss topical and problematic topics with the support of a moderator.

This approach to discussions allows you to be as frank as possible in discussing the pain points of the modern gaming business and the challenges facing it.

Closed round tables will be held within the framework of the WN Conference in separate rooms. While it is stated that the duration of each will be around an hour, however, the organizers allow an increase in the duration of sessions.

Two closed round tables will be held at the upcoming event in St. Petersburg:

  • July 5 — from 14.30 to 15.30 — “Open dialogue of managers: all the pains of the head“;
  • July 5 — from 16.30 to 17.30 — “Work-life balance for managers: truth or myth?“.

At the moment, the organizers of the conference invite top managers and owners of companies to participate. The number of seats is limited.

To participate, you must purchase a ticket to the conference and submit an application.

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