WN Connect gathered 180 participants from 110 gaming companies in Tbilisi

On March 2, a chamber event for WN Connect gaming companies took place in the capital of Georgia. It was attended by 180 people, including representatives of companies such as Playrix, Plarium and Unity. The event was sponsored by TapClap, AppsFlyer and Xsolla. We share the results and photos from the event.

Let’s start with the figures that were provided by WN Media Group, the organizer of the event.

Among the participating companies, there was a preponderance in favor of development studios. 66% of the 110 companies represented at WN Connect said they were developing gaming products. 28% of companies identified themselves as publishers, and another 15% noted that they are engaged in investing. 13% of participating companies specialize in graphics outsourcing.

Distribution of participating companies by specialization (important: one company may have several specializations)
35% of the participants of the Tbilisi connet were top managers of gaming companies.

Directly by developers (programmers, game designers) – 25% of the guests. There were also enough marketing and PR specialists — 16%.

Distribution of participants by specialty
Recall that WN Connect is a meeting regularly held by WN Media Group for 100-150 people.

Within their framework, the participants of the local game show can share their experience in a calm atmosphere over a glass of wine.

During the event, there was not only networking, but also round tables. Here are photos from some of them.

WN Connect Tbilisi’23 is the first Georgian event for WN Media Group. Previously, the company did not hold any connections or conferences in the country.

At the same time, this is the second WN Connect in a year. The first was WN Connect Belgrade’23, which took place in Serbia on January 19.

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