The Israeli WN Conference was attended by 1100 participants. 54% of them were top managers

On November 23-24, a conference for game developers and publishers WN Conference was held in Tel Aviv. This week, the organizers shared its results in graphs.

Tel Aviv (photo: Chasdai Evers)How many companies were there?

Officially, 545 gaming companies took part in the event. According to the data published by WN Media Group, 52% of them are developers, 19% are advertising networks, and 16% are publishers.

Distribution of participating companies by specialization (companies could choose several at once)
34% of the companies registered at the conference are officially registered in Europe, another 24% — in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Also, a significant part of the companies were from North America (NORAM) — 16%.

Distribution of participating companies by region of deploymentHow many people were there?

A total of 1086 people attended the event. More than half (54%) of the industry representatives who attended the conference occupy top management positions in their companies.

Distribution of participants by specialization 
The predominant part of the participants were from the MENA region (56%).

Also, many people came from Europe (26%). The former CIS countries accounted for only 10% of the guests. In total, experts from 58 countries came to the event.

Distribution of participants by region, where they come fromWhat about the developers’ exhibition?

Data on the developers’ exhibition has also been published. In total, 128 projects were presented at it. Most of them were developed on Unity — 68% (Unreal Engine was significantly behind in the number of projects — 24%).

Distribution of games by the type of engine used
The organizers also noted that the most popular genres among developers were action games (23%), adventures (22%) and puzzles (22%), and the most popular platform was desktop (65% of the projects presented at the conference are being prepared for it).

Distribution of games by genre (each game can belong to several genres at once)How was the conference held from the position of WN Media Group?

Tel Aviv is one of the central IT hubs in MENA. It is home to hundreds of high—class technology companies, some of which are undisputed market leaders. So we have long wanted to hold an event here, to gather the strongest local community under one roof,” Yulia Lebedeva, partner and Executive director of WN Media Group, comments on the event.

We held a conference in another new country for us. WN Tel Aviv’22 has become one of the largest and most successful events over the past year. Next year we plan to return to Israel,” Lebedeva also noted.

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