Pocket Gamer checked how EA Mobile and Rovio PR services work

The editors of the British Pocket Gamer portal decided to check how socially integrated large mobile companies are when it comes to social services such as Facebook and Twitter.  


When it comes to Twitter followers, there are some surprises. For example, despite the fact that @EA has almost 1 million followers (followers, friends, call it what you want), @EAMobile scored only 50 thousand, slightly less than @Com2uS, and significantly less than @Gameloft, whose figure exceeded 220 thousand. 

Another big surprise is @PocketGems. The company managed to gather a very decent number of followers, making only 44 tweets. Of course, it all depends on the companies themselves, whether they want to focus on their individual project or on themselves. Here’s an example: the official @AngryBirds account has almost 500 thousand followers, while @RovioHQ has less than 15 thousand. 

Against this background, @GluMobile (380 thousand) and @Zynga (360 thousand) look much more serious. They decided to put their eggs in one basket. Although Zynga also has an account @ZyngaSupport, which, however, is much less popular than the main one. 


The situation on Zuckerberg’s service is completely different, the numbers here are much more serious. Perhaps the fact is that many companies focus their marketing forces on him. For clarity, Angry Birds has 21.4 million likes here, and not some “pathetic” 500 thousand friends.

Curiously, many companies present in the Twitter top are well represented on Facebook. It is especially interesting that Gameloft has 7 million likes, and Zynga has “only” 3.1 million, despite the fact that the company is one of the largest publishers on the Facebook platform. 

The Japanese publisher GREE also has its own page. However, its results are so-so. As for Twitter, everything is quite sad here: @GREE_Corp has about 2100 followers, @GREE_Games has 8200. Don’t you think this is somehow modest for a company with a base of 190 million users? 


But enough absolute numbers. Let’s take a better look at Twitter-centric companies, in other words, those with more followers on Twitter than the number of likes on Facebook. By definition, such companies have relatively few likes and followers, but still it is a solid audience.

So, ahead of everyone, Pocket Gems is the most Twitter-centric company (70 times more followers than likes). 

Companies like @BackflipStudios (Dragonvale) and @ChairGames (Infinity Blade) focus attention on their popular games on social networks more than on themselves. However, despite this, the number of followers of these games is disappointing. The same story with Chillingo. As for @NimbleBit, they have the opposite. The company promotes its games not through individual pages, but through the official twitter.

But what is really interesting is that @ZeptoLabs has a much larger number of followers than their project @Cut_The_Rope (but the game has good indicators on Facebook – 1.1 million likes). 

If we talk about Facebook-centric companies (whose number of likes is an order of magnitude greater than the number of followers), then Crowdstar was in the first position. Behind her is GREE. Also, surprisingly well, Korean Gamevil was presented on Facebook. 


It is clear that Facebook and Twitter are used for different purposes and to attract different audiences. Keep this in mind when choosing between what the marketing department should focus on: promoting your own name or a gaming brand. 

If the company is small, it makes sense to focus on the game. However, for most players in the market, it is still better to choose a balanced model.

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