LitRes: in 2023, sales of books about the gaming industry increased by 20%

Demand for literature related to the gaming industry has increased in Russia, LitRes reports. In January-October 2023, the service bought 20% more books on such topics than in the same period last year.

Top 5 books by the number of copies sold in LitErs.

1. "Game design. How to create a game that everyone will play." The author is Jesse Schell.

2. "Make a video game alone and don't go crazy." The author is Slava Gris.

3. "How to create stories. The basics of game screenwriting and narrative design in 12 steps." The authors are Natalia Andrianova and Svetlana Yakovleva.

4. "Blood, sweat and pixels. The flip side of the video game industry." The author is Jason Schreier.

5. "The numbers game. How analytics allows video games to live better." The author is Vasily Sabirov.

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