GEM Capital and The Games Fund invested $4 million in the company of the visual director of Half-Life 2 and natives of Wargaming

A young Cypriot game development studio Eschatology Entertainment raised $4 million during the seed round to develop an AAA first-person shooter.

The detailed terms of the transaction are not reported. It is only known that GEM Capital and The Games Fund acted as equal investors. Both invested $2 million.

What is known about Eschatology Entertainment?

The company was founded in 2022. Specializes in creating games for PC and consoles.

Its co-founders:

  • Fuad Kuliyev — worked in Wargaming for more than four years. In recent years — in the position of producer. As an indie developer, he participated in the creation of the narrative role-playing game The Executioner and the desktop version of Pathologic.
  • Viktor Antonov — visual director of Half-life 2 and Dishonored, also participated in the work on Kingpin: Life of Crime, Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Elder Scrolls: Legends and many other blockbusters.
  • Dmytro Kostyukevich — worked for about two years at Persha Studia, the Ukrainian division of Wargaming, as a developer. Prior to that, he had been developing VR games on the Unreal Engine for five years.
  • Boris Nikolaev is a former operational manager of the R&D division of Wargaming, where he was responsible for budgeting, as well as product and financial analysis for more than five years.

In total, the studio has 40 employees from seven countries working remotely. As far as LinkedIn can tell, there are a lot of former Wargaming employees in the company as a whole.

For example, the CPO of the new company is Alexey Gerasimovich, who was responsible for the launch of Master of Orion, and the producer is Evgeny Tarakanov, who previously held the post of operating director at Wargaming.

By the way, until the last moment Eschatology Entertainment was called Lesser Evil Games.

What does Eschatology Entertainment do?

There are no details about the project yet.

Now it is only reported that the studio is developing a “narrative shooter” with “innovative gameplay mechanics”. It is also known that the game will be hardcore, with an “original living world”.

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