Supermassive Games is now fully owned by Nordisk Games, a gaming subsidiary of Danish entertainment company Nordisk Film. The financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed.

The Quarry

Founded in 2008, Supermassive Games currently employs more than 300 people. According to the studio’s CEO Pete Samuels, the team didn’t hesitate when Nordisk Games made the acquisition offer.

“We have an exciting and ambitious growth strategy for Supermassive Games and Nordisk Games ownership only enhances that,” Samuels said in a statement. “I’m hugely excited about where the security offered by this partnership, and continued access to the expertise within Nordisk Games, will take us next.”

The acquisition follows Nordisk Games taking a 30.7% stake in Supermassive Games last year. The Danish company has already invested in several gaming companies, including Avalanche Studios Group, Flashbulb Games, and MercurySteam.

Supermassive is best known for its horror games like The Dark Pictures Anthology and, more recently, The Quarry. The studio has won a few awards, including a BAFTA for its PS4 exclusive Until Dawn.