Bombora has released a manual on the basics of visual programming on Unreal Engine 5

The book “Programming in Unreal Engine 5 for a beginner igrodel appeared on sale. Fundamentals of the Blueprint Visual Language”. This is the work of two Russian authors: Olga Maksimenkova, Candidate of Technical Sciences and researcher at the HSE, and Nikita Veselko, Product Owner at the IThub games studio.

The book introduces readers to the work of the fifth version of the Epic Games engine.

The authors start with what game engines are, how the game development process is, and what features Unreal Engine 5 has. They also talk about the nuances of programming using Blueprint and dispel the myth of the ease of mastering visual programming.

The book also reveals:

  • how to create materials from scratch;
  • how to design interfaces;
  • how to create game levels and scenes;
  • how to create dynamic and super realistic animation;
  • how to work with artificial intelligence in games;
  • how to switch from Blueprints to the C++ programming language.

In total, the programming manual has 320 pages and eight chapters. Published his “Bombora”.

Recall that Bombora regularly publishes books about video games. Last week, the publisher shared with App2Top an excerpt from the history of the development of the BioShock trilogy — “The Creation of the Bioshock trilogy. From Delight to Colombia.” You can read it here.

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