WN Dev Day Canada’22 took place on December 6, bringing together hundreds of game creators. Here are the results of the online event and the winners of a special contest for local developers.

Shadow's Light - Tale of the Champions wins Xsolla Developer Contest at WN Dev Day Canada'22

1,069 people from 100 countries took part in WN Dev Day Canada’22 via the WN Hub communication platform.

41% of attendees were game developers (engineers, game designers, etc.), followed by executives (35%) and business development managers (9%).

The Xsolla-sponsored event was largely focused on the Canadian game development scene. So it is no surprise that 32% of participants were from North America. The shares of the Europe and APAC regions were 20% and 14%, respectively.

Xsolla Developer Contest — results and winners

Overall, 49 games from Canadian developers took part in the contest. 69% of these titles were made with Unity, followed by Unreal Engine (25%) and GameMaker Studio (4%).

PC was the most popular target platform, with 80% of participants making projects for it. 27% and 20% of titles were made for console and mobile, respectively.

When it comes to genres, Adventure and Puzzle together accounted for 52% of all participating games. The top 5 also includes Action (24%), Action-adventure (17%), and RPG (13%).

Three out of 49 games made it to the Xsolla Developer Contest finals.

Roots of Yggdrasil, a narrative-driven title that combines elements of roguelike and city-building genres. Developed by Montreal-based team ManaVoid Entertainment, the game is set in a post-Ragnarok world where the player has to restore their Viking clan.

Slay the Princess, a visual novel / psychological horror from Black Tabby Games that draws inspiration from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The goal is to kill the princess who will try to charm and convince the player to spare her life.

These finalists will receive a streamlined application to Xsolla Funding Club, free setup and launch of Xsolla Webshop Solution, as well as job posting support from 80 level Talent.

Shadow’s Light – Tale of the Champions from indie studio 3Mind Games was named the winner of Xsolla Developer Contest. It is a dark fantasy adventure game, which allows the player to choose from eight different characters and replay the same story from the perspectives of two opposing factions.

You can watch the gameplay footage from the first playable prototype of Shadow’s Light here and take a look at the game’s concept art below.

Information about last year’s winners can be found in our previous Game Developer Day Canada report.