A new way of monetization from Placed

Placed offers developers a new way to monetize applications through the original Placed Affiliate service, which collects information about the location of mobile devices.

The essence is elementary: the developer adds an SDK to his application that collects data about the location of his users. For access to the audience, Placed pays developers a certain amount, depending, apparently, on the number of users who downloaded the program with a working SDK Placed Affiliate. No advertising, no banners, just sit on the stove, watch the money drip. 

However, as noted by Placed itself, which is engaged in dislocation analytics, the developer is obliged to warn users that the application is collecting such information. And if the user does not agree with these, the developer will not receive anything from analysts for a specific user.

The fact that when downloading each application that supports Placed Affiliate, the owner of the mobile device decides whether he consciously wants to be tested or not, vaguely resembles the practice of searching for leads (determining the most advertising-sensitive potential customers). 

In any case, if this practice becomes widely used, and research companies start fighting for publishers and developers, the earnings of applications on average in the market may well creep up.

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