Activision enters the mobile market

Activision Vice President Greg Kinessa, who oversees the development of the company’s mobile projects, spoke about how he sees the future of mobile games, and exactly how one of the largest console publishers is going to enter this market. 

In his extensive interview with the well-known CVG resource, he noted that changes are waiting for our market very soon. However, they will primarily affect graphics used in mobile projects. According to Kiness, the technical capabilities of the next generation of smartphones and other mobile devices (and we will see it next spring) will reach the level of modern consoles (Xbox 360, PS3). 

As for the future of Activision, it intends to actively enter the mobile games market using the company’s IP. According to Kiness, Activision has about 350 brands, and currently his team is solving a difficult task, trying to answer the question of which of them can “shoot” well on smartphones and tablets. 

It is the large portfolio of brands that is one of the main advantages of Activison,” says Kiness. According to him, they will help optimize the costs of marketing mobile products, since when transferring IP to mobile platforms, advertising and marketing campaigns of “big” games will help the sales of their mobile “relatives”.

As the recent release of Pitfall!, which is now in 8th place in the American top paid applications, showed, this policy is not without meaning.  

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