Russian smartphone market

The share of smartphones from the total number of cellular devices delivered to Russia grew to 21% last year, – the analytical company IDC notes in its latest report. 

Back in 2009, the share of smartphones was an insignificant 5% (from 32 million). According to the results of 2011, this figure has grown to 21% (from 41 million). The rapid growth in the number of deliveries reflects the growth of their popularity in the Russian market. Its analysts explain that smartphones in Russia, as in other developing countries, are becoming the main source of Internet access for the population. 

As for the distribution of smartphone market shares between operating systems, six months ago – at the end of 2011 – Symbian had 48% of the market, Android – 32%, and Apple – 8%. IDC is confident that by December 2012 the situation will radically change. According to their forecasts, Android will capture 43% of the market, and the share of shipments of devices on the Symbian platform will decrease to 23%. The supply of devices running on Microsoft OS will also grow significantly – from 3% to 14%. As for Apple, it will have no more than 9% of the market.  

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