Smartphone market analysis Q2: strengthening the position of Android

During the second quarter of this year, almost 154 million smartphones were sold, two–thirds of which are Android-based devices, according to Garther. 

Following the analytical companies IDC, Strategy Analytics and Canalys, the Garther agency published its study of the global smartphone market. 

According to their report, the smartphone market continues to grow. If in the second quarter of last year the total number of smartphones sold was about 107.7 million, then by the end of the second quarter of this year the figure reached 153.7 million devices, which is one and a half times more. 

At the same time, the situation on the platform market has changed significantly. If earlier Symbian owned 22% of the market, then by the end of this half-year the share of the platform has decreased by 4 times and does not even account for a meager 6%. BlackBerry is also losing the market: falling from 11% to 5%.

Due to the loss of positions of these platforms, the share of Android in the smartphone market has significantly increased: from a confident 43%, the platform exceeded the indicator by one and a half times, jumping by 64%. Now Android owns two-thirds of the smartphone market. 

The presence of Apple devices on the market remained almost unchanged – an increase of 0.6%. Although the total number of iPhones sold is 10 million more than last year.

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