American Tablet Market: Samsung is knocked out

According to CNet, sales of Samsung tablets in the American market account for only 4% of total iPad sales.

According to the data released during the next trial between the companies, it turned out that during its entire sales history in the US market, Samsung Electronics has sold only 1.4 million Galaxy Tab tablets: 725 thousand original Galaxy Tab, 585 thousand Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices and 127 thousand LTE-enabled tablets.

At the same time, Apple’s total sales in the American tablet market are equal to 34 million devices, which is almost 25 times more than Samsung’s figures.

In total, sales of the iPad 2 alone brought the Apple company over $19 billion (since March 2011). For comparison, Samsung’s total revenue in the tablet market since the end of 2010 is about $644 million.   

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