Activision enters the mobile market

One of the world’s largest players in the market of “big” games – Activision – has finally begun to be active in the mobile sphere. The other day, the release of the first mobile project developed within the walls of her internal studio, The Blast Furnace, took place. 

The game is a new incarnation of the cult Pitfall, executed in the spirit of the blockbuster Temple Run from Imangi (in other words, an ordinary clone in a cute wrapper and under a loud brand). And, in general, it would not be worth writing about this (only lazy ones do not release runners today), if, again, it were not for the name of the publisher, who surprisingly late decided to enter the mobile market, as well as the backbone of the newly-formed The Blast Furnace. 

So, the studio is headed by Gordon Hall, who previously headed the Rockstar Leeds team, which has several successful mobile releases, including Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown. In addition, Hall will be assigned the duties of Chief Creative Officer of Activision Mobile. And it’s one Pitfall! it won’t end. As already known, Activision also plans to create mobile games under the Call of Duty brand.

In connection with the first release of The Blast Furnace product, the vice president of Activision Mobile noted that the company is not the first major publisher to enter the mobile games market, but its approach is more balanced. Currently, together with the well-known Flurry company, the Activision Mobile Platform strategy is being developed.

As for Pitfall!, it is available to iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch users at a price of 99 cents. Owners of Android-based devices will receive it a little later.

P.S. In our opinion, it would be better if they made a remake of the wonderful Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure.

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