Mobile advertising market in Russia - $37 million

The research company eMarketer has compiled a new forecast for the development of the global mobile advertising market, according to which Russia is ahead of Western European countries in terms of growth rates.

According to the data, by the end of this year, the volume of the Russian market should grow by 85% and amount to $ 37 million, and by 2016 it may reach $157 million (for comparison, by that time the American mobile advertising market may exceed $ 10 billion). Recall that during 2010, the growth of the Russian mobile advertising market was 100%, and in 2011 – 66.7%.

The growth rate of the Russian market is higher than that of most Western European countries: The UK has 70%, Germany has 84.7%, and France has 48.7%. 

The growth rate of the domestic mobile advertising market will decrease next year to 45.5% next year, 45.3% in 2014 and 43.9% in 2015. Despite this, until the projected 2016, the growth rate will be higher than that of the global market as a whole. 

Thus, the volume of spending on mobile advertising in Russia in 2013 will grow to $53.9 million, in 2014 – to $77.3 million, and in 2015 – to $111.2 million. 

Separately, it is worth noting the leaders of the industry. Until this year, the Japanese mobile advertising market was the most developed in the world, but Japan is losing this status. For her, mobile advertising spending will increase by 27.2% to $1.74 billion this year. In the United States, for comparison, mobile advertising spending by the end of 2012 will grow by 96.6% and reach $2.29 billion. So in the future, the United States may become the world’s largest regional market in mobile advertising in 2013. 

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