Casual Connect 2012: App Annie reveals the ins and outs of the mobile market (Part 1)

Yesterday, as part of the Casual Connect 2012 conference, App Annie’s detailed report on the state of the global mobile market was conducted by the company’s executive director Bertrand Schmidt. Without delay, App Annie employees posted a presentation “based on motives”, thanks to which you can find out the names of the leading countries in terms of revenue, downloads and ARPU, as well as the names of top American and non-American publishers.  

First of all, Schmid presented the top twenty countries in terms of revenue and downloads on the iOS platform. What is especially pleasant is that Russia is present in the top ten there. 

Also, the executive director of App Annie said that the Asia-Pacific region is just the market that should be paid attention to. As for Europe, it lags far behind its competitors both in terms of downloads and revenue (the same Asia-Pacific region bypasses it twice in terms of downloads and revenue).

Bertrand said that in terms of revenue to downloads, Japan is ahead of the whole planet. Moreover, if the average ARPU in the world is $0.47, then in Japan it reaches a staggering $1.90 (for clarity, ARPU Japan has 27 times more ARPU China).

Of the expected and, to be honest, already published more than once, but still noteworthy data is a comparison of the income of the leader of the gaming chart by market. Actually, there are no surprises here: in the USA, top apps collect the most money. 

But below the top ten non-American publishers (by revenue) in the global iOS market. It’s nice, our compatriots are also on the chart – the Game Insight company. By the way, as Bernard immediately noted, speaking of non-American publishers, some of the world’s top players earn almost nothing in the American market. The share of the total income of a non-American company received from the US market may not exceed 1%. On average, it is about 32%. However, there are also companies among them whose main business falls on the gaming market of the United States.  

Right there, Schmidt demonstrated the top ten American publishers on iOS. Almost all of them make half of their income outside their home market.

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