Google has launched a beta of Mobile App Analytics

The search giant has released a new mobile analytical service created so that developers and publishers can monitor the progress of their own applications. 

Mobile App Analytics is currently only available in beta. Google promises that with the help of the service it will be possible to track “the entire path of the user – from the search for the application to the download of the application“.

In fact, this means that the service is functionally responsible for three “sections”: providing reports on attracting users and their analysis, their retention and income. 

Google itself assures that the service provides metrics on the number of downloads, new users and traffic sources. Mobile App Analytics also displays information on which version of the application the user uses, and on which device he runs them. 

The so-called engagement reports in the new Google service track user behavior, how often they run your program. In turn, the revenue data shows not only the total profit from the application, but also how many times you downloaded the IAP, as well as what your IAP conversion rate is.  

So it turns out that while Apple has a mess with UDID, Google is rapidly improving its mobile platform, including providing developers with new services like Mobile App Analytics.  

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