The Russian market is one of the most dynamic

This conclusion was reached by analysts from Distimo, who studied the growth rates of profitability of mobile markets, including in developing countries, which now include not only Brazil, Mexico and Turkey, but also Russia. 

So, according to Distimo, the top ten countries with the highest growth dynamics of the App Store in the iPhone version included (in descending order): Japan, Russia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Turkey and Canada.

That is, as in the recent App Annie report, the Russian mobile market is second only to the Japanese in terms of profit growth. However, it concedes very seriously. If over the past year, revenues from the domestic market have increased by 115%, then in the Land of the Rising Sun they have jumped by as much as 560%. By the way, the revenue growth in the Google Play Android app store for Russia turned out to be even greater – 250% (this is twice as much as in the USA).   

At the same time, it is sad that only 4% of all applications in the App Store in the iPhone version are available in the Russian market. Anyway, on the Russian market, 70% of revenue is generated by applications in Russian. 

The study also notes significant changes in the international application market. So, in June 2010, the US share of the Top 200 most profitable applications was 45%. Since then, it has decreased to 31%. We should also add that, according to analysts, 66% of revenue in the American market comes from free applications with IAP. In Russia and Turkey, the share of freemium applications exceeds 50%.

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