Hasbro is coming to the mobile market

One of the largest manufacturers of children’s toys has signed a contract with the French company Gameloft to develop and publish applications under such brands as My Little Pony and Lillest Pet Shop. 

Both brands are not very well known in Russia, but they are very popular among children abroad. So we can safely say that Gameloft continues to “bend its line”, putting not on the promotion of original projects, but on the creation of high-quality products “based on” popular universes. 

Recall that in March, the French signed agreements with three leading world film companies at once: 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures, having received the rights to create game adaptations of Ice Age, Men in Black 3, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man. 

As for the contract with Hasbro, it may well turn out to be a landmark for the industry, because if My Little Pony and Lillest Pet Shop are successfully implemented, Gameloft may have the rights to create mobile games under the Transformers, Monopoly, Risk and even Dungeon&Dragons brands.

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