Windows Phone is the most dynamic market

The analytical company Flurry has presented a new report. In it, the company shared very interesting data on the share of Windows Phone applications in the mobile software market as a whole, as well as on their growth rates in the Microsoft market. 

According to the latest Flurry data, the share of Windows Phone programs among all applications tracked by analysts is 6%. It would seem not very much, but a year ago this figure was only 1%. For comparison, the share of iOS–based applications decreased from 71% to 67%, Android slightly increased from 27% to 28%, as for the share of BlackBerry, it remained at the same level – 1%.

However, the indicators that directly reflect the growth in the number of applications in the markets are much more interesting. According to Flurry, the number of applications on Windows Phone in the second quarter of this year increased by 521% compared to the same indicators of the second quarter of 2011. In turn, iOS growth was “only” 66%, Android – 82%, and BlackBerry – only 13%.  

So at the moment Windows Phone is the most dynamically developing platform. 

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