Platform Market: Android Stability, Windows Phone Growth

Android holds a dominant position in the mobile systems market thanks to Samsung’s good sales; Windows Phone has doubled its share in the American and European markets in a year.  

The analytical company Kantar WorldPanel has published a study according to which Google’s platform remains dominant in the mobile platform market in countries such as the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia, despite the strongest competition from Apple. Moreover, in Europe, the share of Android has increased markedly over the year. Moreover, in Spain it reached 72%, and in Italy 49%. 

Most of the sales of Android devices, as Kantar WorldPanel also told, account for Samsung and HTC devices. In the UK, for example, the share of these vendors from the total number of Android devices sold was 86%. 

Curiously, HTC One X entered the top ten most popular devices in the British market according to the results of the whole quarter, although by the time of the “summing up” it had been present for only a week. 

Apple’s mobile platform also does not lose “points”. Moreover, in the USA, it was able to take away 6.6% of the market from Android for the year, showing a total increase of 12%. The situation with BlackBerry is much worse. Its share in the most important for it – the American market, despite RIM’s best efforts, decreased from 9% to 3% over the year. 

As for Windows Phone, its indicators do not seem stable (there is a drop in the Spanish market, a relatively small occupied share in the rest, given the huge marketing costs of an advertising company). On the other hand, in the American, German, Italian and British markets, it managed to double its share in a year, on average, to 3%. Microsoft has brought the share of its own platform in the French market to a slightly higher figure. 

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