The number of downloads in the Android Market has exceeded 10 billion

In its official blog, Google announced that 1 billion apps are downloaded in the store every month, and the number of downloads continues to grow. The total number of downloads exceeded 10 billion.

Representatives of the company said that it took 22 months for the number of monthly downloads to reach 1 billion. It took five months to reach the milestone of 2 billion, 3 billion were reached in just two months. This is also due to the fact that more than half a million new Android phones are being activated every day.

The company especially emphasizes that the number of downloads and sales of applications is growing, focuses on the launch of a movie rental service and the redesign of the Android Market (in order to better compete with the Apple App Store). During the three years of operation of the Apple store, more than 18 billion applications were downloaded, and approximately 5 billion in the first two years. The advantage of Google has become an open Android OS, which many device manufacturers work with.

Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Gartner, comments on what is happening: “The quality of the apps and the store itself as a whole should be the focus of attention for Google. It may not affect the number of downloads, but that’s what ultimately determines the earnings of developers.”

Also, to celebrate this fact, Google has launched a new “format” for downloading applications available “for 10 pence for 10 days.” Representatives said “new applications will be available within 10 days, each of which can be downloaded for just 10 pence.”

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