Mobile OS market in the USA

The vast majority of smartphone users in the US – 71% – own either an Android device or an iPhone. If we talk about apps, the superiority is even greater: 83% of those who downloaded apps in the last 30 days use either iPhone or Android.

According to the latest data from Nielsen, 44% of mobile users own smartphones. Among those who bought a phone in the last three months, 56% of users chose a smartphone. Android remains the leader among mobile operating systems, and Apple is the leading smartphone manufacturer.

As expected, Android holds the lead among mobile OS due, first of all, to three manufacturers: HTC (15%), Samsung (10.1%), Motorola (10.4%). Other manufacturers of Android-based devices own only 7.2% of the market. In second place is iOS with 28.3% of the market, and BlackBerry retained the third place (17.8%).

The only OS whose share grew in the third quarter is Android.

As for the global market, Android also dominates there in the third quarter with 52.5% of the market. Symbian is in second place, it has 16.9%. Although, it is worth noting that the latter’s market share has greatly decreased compared to last year, when it had 36.3%. According to Gartner, Apple has 15% of the mobile OS market. As for BlackBerry, its share continues to fall: in the third quarter it had only 11%. For comparison, last year it was 15.4%.

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