China is the second most consumed mobile app market

According to Flurry, China has surpassed the UK and has become the second most consumed mobile app market after the United States.

Activity in the market began to grow rapidly since the beginning of 2011: China was in 10th place at that time – it accounted for 1.8% of app usage sessions in the world. By April, the country reached the 5th place with 2.7%. At the end of October, China overtook its rivals, gaining 7.3% of all global sessions, second only to the United States. However, the gap between the leader is huge – the share of sessions of American users was 47%.

The results indicate that the growth of mobile application consumption in China was more than 200%. However, it is worth paying attention to the number of mobile users: there are more than 950 million of them in China, and this indicates a low activity in the use of applications. On the other hand, this also indicates the great potential of the Chinese market.

According to Flurry, in addition to the growth in the number of smartphone users in China, factors such as lower device prices and an increase in the number of cheap Android devices have played a big role: today more than 40 million Android devices are used in China.

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