The smartphone market is growing rapidly

According to AT&T, for the first time, the number of smartphones used exceeds the number of conventional mobile phones. Of 68.6 million subscribers*, 52.6% are smartphone owners, while a year ago their number was 39.1%.

According to the results of the last quarter, the iPhone still dominates in terms of sales in the smartphone market. In the third quarter of 2011, the number of activated iPhone users amounted to 2.7 million, as a result, it surpassed all other smartphones combined in terms of sales.

Total smartphone sales for the third quarter of 2011 amounted to 4.8 million units.
AT&T also announced that sales of Android phones have almost doubled over the past year.

The increase in the number of smartphone users has led to users spending more per month. As a result, the company’s turnover grew to $6.2 billion.

*we are talking only about postpaid subscribers

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