Android Market banned in China

As you know, Google has long had problems with the world’s largest nation (including representation in the network): The Chinese government and the search giant have different views on a number of issues related to access rights to information and freedom of expression.

Now Chinese people with Android smartphones will not be able to use the services of the Android Market store.

Access to the portal market.android.com It is blocked for the five main provinces of China, which means that users living there will no longer be able to download applications for their smart phones from there. However, this may not greatly affect the downloads of Android applications, because the vast majority of smartphone owners in China used applications downloaded from alternative resources. This situation has developed due to the fact that, unlike Western companies, local Android developers offer versions adapted for Chinese users (or, at least, for mobile operators and manufacturers).

Recall that Apple has succeeded in China much more than any other Western IT company. Unlike Google, Apple maintains good relations with the Chinese government. The company is trying to get closer to the Chinese model of app stores in order to meet government requirements. According to Apple’s financial report, sales in China totaled $3.8 billion in the last quarter, and $8.8 billion in the last fiscal year.

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