Mobile platform market: forecast for 2015

In March, IDC published forecasts for 2015 for mobile platforms, suggesting that Windows Phone will take second place in the market, Android will remain in first place, and Symbian will almost be forgotten. Recently, another research company, Gartner, also awarded Windows Phone second place in its forecasts for 2015.

If we compare the data (see the table), we can see that companies have much more disagreements about this year than about 2015. Their expectations for 2015 differ by only 1-2%, while the results of 2011 are presented by companies in different ways.

Рынок мобильных платформ в 2011 и 2015 г

IDC claims that this year the Android platform will occupy 39.5% of the market, and according to Gartner – only 22.7% (a difference of 16.8%). Forecasts for iOS are also different, albeit not so significantly. According to IDC, the share of iOS–based devices will be 15.7%, and according to Gartner estimates – as much as 19.4% (a difference of 3.7%).

But regarding 2015, the opinions of the companies coincided: Android will remain the market leader for mobile platforms, and Windows Phone will take second place. These forecasts look attractive for Microsoft and Nokia. Now it’s up to Nokia to deliver all these future Windows Phone–based miracle devices to consumers.

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