Online gaming market - analysts' forecasts

According to analysts’ forecasts, the mobile games sector will develop most rapidly.

The online gaming market is growing rapidly. Users have the opportunity to play on different platforms – from computers and consoles to smartphones and tablets.

In the next few years, due to the fact that many users are switching to smartphones, the rapid development of the mobile games market is expected. As for console games, this market will not grow actively. This will last until a new generation of video game consoles appears on the market.

eMarketer has released a forecast for the development of the online gaming market in the United States. We present data on the mobile sector, as well as, for comparison, on the markets of casual, social and console games.

By simple calculations, we get the following numbers: the mobile games market will increase by 24.5% by 2013, social games by 18.9%, console games are in third place with 15.2% and classic casual games are closing the rating with 8.7%.

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