Flurry: free analytics with consumer segmentation

The mobile app market is expanding and competition is high. Therefore, the effectiveness of mobile analytics becomes one of the main issues.

Flurry has just announced advanced demography, segmentation, and time-factor-based analytics.

Flurry was launched last year and even received a rating from Steve Jobs – according to him, the service tracks mobile devices very accurately. Now Flurry has released version 3.0, which has three new features. Moreover, the service is free.

Now Flurry shows which target groups your app attracts.

Segmentation of consumers
Free apps are the main source of income for developers. However, segmentation of consumers will help to better understand the behavior of certain groups of users, in particular, those who make the most in-app purchases, those who connect new advanced features and those who perceive advertising well inside applications are tracked.

Time frame
It is also important to understand when and how much time consumers spend in your application, whether the application is of interest to your users or they get bored, how much time the user spends in the application until they switch to another one.

The figure shows how consumers are segmented into paying and non-paying target groups using Flurry:

Evaluating who pays and how much, you can make different offers for different groups. So, for example, you can make discounts to regular customers and show ads to those who do not pay.

Flurry is free to use on smartphones and tablets. Now 50,000 developers use Flurry Analytics for more than 100,000 applications on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and J2ME.

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