Italy-based Digital Bros has a few hits in its portfolio, which were released under its subsidiary 505 Games. The company has now formed a new publishing label HOOK. Focused on indie games, it will also have full access to Digital Bros’ resources.

Kingdom of the Dead

Digital Bros CEO Raffaele Galante opened up about Hook in an interview with

  • The new publisher’s team consists of industry veterans, with 15+ years’ experience on average.
  • One of Hook’s advantages will be Digital Bros’ expertise, including its relationship with platform holders like Microsoft and PlayStation, as well as QA and localization resources.
  • “505 Games is becoming more and more of an established publisher, having some nice successes with very established studios,” Galante said. “At Hook, we’d like to give the opportunity to other, emerging talent that haven’t yet had the chance.”
  • The publisher will focus on both Western and Asian markets. It plans to launch around four to six games per year.
  • According to its Steam page, Hook has already published a couple of games, hand-drawn horror Kingdom of the Dead and roguelite 2D shooter Madshot. The publisher also signed a number of other games, including upcoming psychological horror Unholy.

Founded in 1989, Digital Bros gained worldwide recognition thanks to its 505 Games subsidiary. It has worked with numerous indie developers, including the creators of Terraria, No Man’s Sky, and Stardew Valley. 505 Games also published several AAA hits like Death Stranding and Control.