Indie developer and Flippfly co-founder Aaron San Filippo has asked his 15-year-old daughter to run the studio’s TikTok account. It was a really good move, resulting in a spike in daily wishlist additions for his upcoming game Whisker Squadron.

Whisker Squadron

San Filippo shared the results on Twitter, showing how TikTok videos made by his daughter influenced the game’s wishlists on Steam.

Together, they came up with the “quantity over quality” strategy, trying to make a lot of TikToks about the studio and Whisker Squadron since it is hard to predict which ones might go viral. “Last week she posted something like 30 Tiktoks, which uhh, really impressed me,” San Filippo wrote. “That is not a thing that would ever have happened if I didn’t have help.”

This experiment also helped the developer realize that a lot of players didn’t know that Flippfly was the same studio that made Race The Sun, an endless running game released in 2013. 

“I think the thing I’m most excited about is that she’s really engaged with the whole process right now, thinking about how to turn marketing/social media management into a career, and how to learn more about improving her skills,” San Filippo concluded.

Earlier this year, San Filippo tried to explain why announcing a game too early on Steam might cause trouble, especially if it looks unpolished and not ready.