Research2guidance: the Indian market will be among the leaders

By 2016, India will become one of the largest mobile app markets in the world, analysts at research2guidance say, based on the latest data from their own Smartphone App Market Monitor study. 

According to the latest report, in terms of the number of shipments this year, India is in 7th place (followed by 2.9% of the world market). On the first– China, the USA is in second, the UK is in fourth, Brazil is in tenth. But by 2016, this situation will change significantly. India, with a 9.3% share, will be in third place in terms of the number of supplies consumed, overtaking the UK, which will also be ahead of Brazil. 

This forecast allowed analysts to assume that the growth in the number of devices in the country will have a very positive impact on the dynamics of the Indian mobile application market.

Among the reasons leading to an increase in demand for applications, analysts also highlight:

  • The country’s GDP, steadily growing for the second decade at 5.8% per year;
  • high rates of income growth of the population (however, at the moment the average salary in India is ten times lower than the average European and two times lower than the average Chinese);
  • a large community of developers working so far only for the foreign market, including as freelancers.
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