AppMagic: The Most Downloaded and Highest-Grossing Mobile Games of May 2024

Based on the AppMagic database, App2Top's editorial team has prepared a report on the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games of the past month — Solo Leveling: Arise, Wuthering Waves, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, and Squad Busters.

Top Downloaded Games of May

In May, the free top charts saw significant changes:

  • The Polish Supermarket Manager Simulator, previously within the top 3 free apps on both Google Play and the App Store, disappeared from the charts;
  • Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile also disappeared, with monthly downloads dropping from 6.3 million in April to 2.1 million in May;
  • Brawl Stars strengthened its position in the charts (the game entered the cumulative top downloads for the first time in a while — it was downloaded 11.6 million times in May).

Additionally, four notable new releases in May, each contending for blockbuster status (including revenue-wise). Let's delve into them in more detail.

Solo Leveling: Arise

Publisher: Netmarble

About the Game: A single-player third-person role-playing game with action combat and hero collection (gacha). One key difference from Genshin Impact is the absence of an open world. There is a small hub from which the player accesses various battle missions in different modes.

Observation: The game debuted at third place in the general and Android charts. However, it’s already clear that the publishers couldn't maintain high download levels. While it was downloaded over 12 million times in the first week after its global release (May 6-12), its downloads dropped to 656,000 from June 3-9.

There are four possible reasons for the decline in popularity (based on available reviews):

  • Extreme monetization;
  • Lack of content;
  • Complete absence of interaction with other players;
  • Frequent downloads and load times that can last for several minutes (including menu interactions and level/hub loads).


  • Total downloads in May — 18 million;
  • Google Play downloads in May — 15 million;
  • App Store downloads in May — 3 million.

Wuthering Waves

Publisher: Kuro Games

About the Game: A spiritual successor to Genshin Impact, featuring an open world full of activities, battle waifus to collect, and a storyline about saving the world. There are two main differences — a complex combat system inspired by Souls games and an unusual setting of fantasy post-apocalypse.

Observation: Considering both May and June results, Wuthering Waves is performing much better than Solo Leveling: Arise. Despite a later global release (May 22 vs. May 6), Wuthering Waves shows higher revenue and a smaller drop in downloads.


  • Total downloads in May — 7.6 million;
  • Google Play downloads in May — 3.3 million;
  • App Store downloads in May — 4.3 million.

Important: According to Kuro Games, Wuthering Waves exceeded the threshold of 30 million installations across all platforms (including PC, where it is available via Epic Games Store and through direct distribution from the official website) in its first month of operation.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile (地下城与勇士:起源)

Publisher: Tencent

About the Game: A mobile version of the iconic free-to-play 2D beat 'em up for the Chinese market, which has generated over $18 billion in revenue on PC (potentially more, as Nexon's annual report, which owns the IP, states the franchise has earned $22 billion). The release is for China. The game was released in South Korea in 2022 but faced licensing issues that delayed its launch in China.

Observation: We will discuss the commercial success of the game separately below, but suffice it to say, it’s insane.


  • Total downloads in May — 3.4 million (iOS only).

Squad Busters

Publisher: Supercell

About the game: an isometric battle royale with unusual core mechanics. 10 players are placed on a single map. Each starts with one hero. Players earn coins and emeralds by killing NPCs. With coins, players can buy new heroes from chests on the spot. The winner is the one who collects the most emeralds.

Observation: despite the game being released on May 29, it managed to enter the top ten most downloaded games of the month on iOS. Most likely, by the end of June, it will enter the top 5 most downloaded games of the month across all platforms.


  • total downloads for May — 15.6 million;
  • downloads from Google Play for May — 12.3 million;
  • downloads from the App Store for May — 3.3 million.

Top Grossing Games of May

Two of the three new entrants in the free charts also made it to the top grossing list.

Solo Leveling: Arise earned $39.6 million. Most of the amount came from Google Play ($19.6 million). It is also important to note that $26 million came from Japan and South Korea. Given the sharp decline in downloads and a significant drop in daily revenue, we may not see the project in the top charts next month.

Daily revenue dynamics of Solo Leveling: Arise

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile (地下城与勇士:起源) earned $63 million in May with 3.4 million installs on the Chinese App Store. Moreover, in the first one and a half weeks of June, according to AppMagic, the game earned even more — $69 million. But that's not all. Analysts at Niko Partners believe that considering Chinese Android stores, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile could have earned $140 million in May.

Daily revenue dynamics of Dungeon & Fighter Mobile

Important: amid the audience's interest in Solo Leveling: Arise and Wuthering Waves, Genshin Impact has disappeared from the top-grossing charts, while Honkai: Star Rail has lost positions. This phenomenon is temporary, especially considering that Genshin Impact regained momentum in June thanks to an event. However, it is possible that miHoYo will need to invest more in traffic due to new competitors.

Comparison of revenue dynamics among Solo Leveling: Arise, Wuthering Waves, Honkai: Star Rail, and Genshin Impact

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