Study: Mobile Developers in the U.S. Spend Over $21 Million on Creating Their Own Backend Services

Developing internal tools for creating and operating mobile games is costly for companies, reports the technological platform Metaplay. This conclusion was reached after surveying 125 top managers from major American mobile studios.

The main findings from the Metaplay study are:

  • On average, 52 employees work on backend services in American mobile studios;
  • 78.4% of top managers reported to Metaplay that their studios spent at least two years creating backend services, with the average duration being 36 months;
  • 40.8% of top managers said their studios pay specialists working on internal tools less than $100,000 a year. However, looking at responses from all respondents, the average salary of such employees is $138,864;
  • Based on this data, Metaplay calculated that the decision to create their own backend services costs studios, on average, $21,662,784;
  • Almost half of the top managers admitted that the decision to create backend services and allocate people to such teams slows down game development. One in five studios saw their revenue decrease as a result.


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