AppMagic: the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games of April 2024

Based on the AppMagic database, the editors of App2Top have prepared a report on the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games of the past month.

The most downloaded games in April

The free charts have changed noticeably in a month:

  • the positions of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile have sunk significantly (this is not surprising, against the background of a drop from 20.4 million installations to 6.3 million);
  • Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle disappeared from the charts (after an excellent three months, the game's performance went down, although by the end of April the game still has a good download level — more than 9 million);
  • Ojol The Game and Left or right: Magic Dress up, which scored high in March, failed to keep downloads at a high level.

Now let's focus on the new products that were released at the end of March or in April and quickly managed to reach high places in the free charts. There are not many of them.

Supermarket Manager Simulator

Publisher: Polish Digital Melody Games

Observation: Digital Melody Games is known primarily as the developer of the casual Timberman, which became one of the first hyper-casual games (in 2014, there was no such term yet). The studio tried itself in different directions, but eventually came to implement the ideas of PlayWay on a mobile platform. Now the company is launching simulators of everyday life. The novelty threatens to become one of the key titles of the studio. According to AppMagic, this is the most downloaded project in the history of the studio.

About the game: simulator of a food stall manager. The player buys products, puts them on display, glues price tags, and then sits down at the cash register and serves the stall's customers.


  • total downloads for April — 17.6 million;
  • downloads from Google Play in April — 15 million;
  • downloads from the App Store in April — 2.6 million.

"Happy Fishing Master" (欢乐大大大)

Publisher: Ark Game Limited

Observation: we are talking about the Chinese iOS release, which supports one language and is available only in China and Hong Kong. The company has previously launched a game in the Western market called Fish On!. Unlike the Chinese one, it did not receive any noticeable installations or cash registers.

About the game: Fishing simulator with AAA graphics, extensive customization options and comprehensive monetization.


  • total downloads in April — 9.1 million;
  • downloads from the App Store in April — 9.1 million.

The highest-grossing games in April

After the release of an update with three new game locations at once, Genshin Impact returned to the box office charts. The presence of Brawl Stars has also significantly increased, which has had four new heroes, two new seasonal modes, and one new competitive mode since February as part of the updates.

The losers of the month include Legend of Mushroom, which had a drop in revenue (from $ 60 million to $ 54 million), which caused the game to fall out of two of the three box office charts. Also, AFK Journey has not yet reached the top 10, which has collected a little more than $ 18 million in a month.

A single-digit failure can be called Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. In the second month of operation, the game raised $ 3.5 million. For comparison, the previous mobile version of the game, which was developed by Tencent, earned more than $ 22 million over the same period.

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