AppMagic: players have spent more than $8 billion in Pokémon GO

Eight years after its release, Pokémon GO remains the highest-grossing mobile AR game in the world. The AppMagic analytical service estimated that the total user spending in it exceeds $ 8 billion* with 656.6 million downloads.

Pokémon GO

The second place in the box office among AR games is now occupied by Dragon Quest Walk (the size of user spending in which is three times less. Next in the top five AR games are Monster Hunter Now, Jurassic World Alive and Let's Hunt Monsters (一)).

Also, Pokémon GO is still Niantic's most successful game. In terms of income, no other project of the company has even come close to it yet. According to AppMagic, Niantic's second-highest-grossing game is Monster Hunter Now, with $164 million in user spending. The third place is occupied by Pikmin Bloom with user spending of $ 44 million.

However, Pokémon GO's revenue growth is gradually decreasing. According to AppMagic data, in 2023, players left $567 million in Pokémon GO. This is a large amount, but it is 13% less than in 2022.

Pokémon GO revenue dynamics with IAP

$8 billion is the net spending of users before the authors of Pokémon GO paid mobile store fees and taxes. If you subtract them, the game's revenue will be approximately 5.4 billion dollars.

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