Roblox has pressured People Make Games to delete their video explaining how the platform is exploiting kids who dream about becoming game developers. The team, however, refused to follow the company’s order and released a new detailed investigation instead.

People Make Game released the first video in August. The exploration of many pitfalls of Roblox’s business model gained a lot of attention within the gaming community.

While preparing a new investigation, the team asked Roblox for an interview but got a request to delete the original video. People Make Games didn’t agree to take it down and released the new video based on the stories of Roblox players and content creators.

It contains four parts, exploring the platform’s managers, Roblox’s moderation, black markets, and the so-called collectible market. The latter might be especially shocking as People Make Games describes it as a “stock market baked into this game’s official store in which children are encouraged to gamble real money.”

The full video can be watched below.