Newzoo: In August, Remnant II was the second highest-grossing RPG for "big" platforms in the US and UK

The analytical company Newzoo studied the success of Remnant II in August. We have selected the main thing from the report.

In August, Remnant II became the seventh game by revenue on PC and consoles in the US and the UK. If we consider only RPG games, then Remnant II took second place immediately after Baldur's Gate 3.

Remnant II ranked 28th in the number of monthly active users (MAU) on PCs and consoles worldwide* in August. The main markets for MAU for her were the USA and Germany.

▫️In August, Remnant II launched 2.5% of the users tracked by Newzoo*. On average, they spent more than 30 hours in Remnant II per month.

Many gamers stopped playing other titles for Remnant II. 38.3% of gamers who tried Remnant II in August had previously played Diablo IV, 27.3% - Exoprimal, and 24.3% - Final Fantasy XVI.

*Newzoo collects data in 37 major markets, excluding China and India.

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