Research: by August, the Russian gaming market earned 135 billion rubles

From January to August 2023, Russians spent 135 billion rubles on video games, according to a study by XYZ School. They gave 21% of the amount, or 28 billion rubles, to resellers and intermediary platforms.

Experts came to this conclusion after they interviewed 1,200 Russian gamers. They calculated that gamers spent an average of 5,400 rubles on video games in January-August. The resulting figure was then multiplied by 25 million — according to XYZ School estimates, so many Russians regularly play video games.

According to the study, 34% of the surveyed gamers buy games from both official suppliers and intermediaries. 9% — only from intermediaries.

XYZ School believes that by the end of all 2023, the volume of the Russian gaming market will reach 167 billion rubles.


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