Glu Mobile has taken over the gambling market

Glu Mobile has announced the conclusion of a partnership agreement with Probability PLC, specializing in mobile gambling. As part of this collaboration, Probability will develop mobile “slot machines” based on the original IP from Glu Mobile, including Contract Killer, Deer Hunter and Gun Bros.

According to Glu Mobile CEO Niccolo de Masi, mobile gambling for real money will expand the audience of successful franchises of the company, as well as increase user engagement. He also noted that currently there is a rapid development of the mobile gambling market on a global scale, and therefore his team was one of the first to take up the active development of this area.

As the boss of Glu Mobile also stated, the company will continue to invest in this sector. We add that Probability will assume “all regulatory functions” concerning the games being launched in the countries under its jurisdiction, which are the United Kingdom and Italy. 

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