and IDC: in 2023, mobile games will account for 56% of the global gaming market revenue

In 2023, gamers from all over the world will spend about $ 194 billion on video games, analysts predict and IDC. Of this amount, $108 billion will be spent on games for mobile devices.

$108 billion is a significant amount, but it still falls short of the results of the previous two years. In 2022, user spending on mobile games was 3% more, and in 2021 — by 7%. As analysts explain, due to the tightened privacy policy on iOS, it has become more difficult for companies to search for “whales” and, consequently, monetize games through IAP. In addition, the decline was affected by the restriction of playing time for teenagers in China.

As for other market segments, out of $194 billion, home console games will account for $43 billion (+3%), PC games — $40 billion (+4%), and games for portable consoles — $3 billion (-20%).

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