Tim Sweeney has explained why he thinks the world needs a “single store that works with all platforms.” He also said that Epic Games is now working with other developers to create a service that will let users buy apps and games in one place.

Image: Tim Sweeney at Epic Games’ Opening Session, 2016

On November 16, Sweeney attended the Global Conference for Mobile Application Ecosystem Fairness in South Korea, where he once again criticized Apple for its policies and monopolistic behavior.

“Apple locks a billion users into one store and payment processor,” he said, according to Bloomberg. “Now Apple complies with oppressive foreign laws, which surveil users and deprive them of political rights. But Apple is ignoring laws passed by Korea’s democracy. Apple must be stopped.”

Sweeney, of course, was referring to the so-called “Anti-Google law” that was passed in South Korea in August. It should prevent Apple and Google from dictating their own payment terms to app developers.

The Epic Games CEO said that he was proud to “stand up against these monopolies” and to “say I’m a Korean.”

Sweeney noted that the market is now fragmented between many stores from Google, Apple, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. That’s why he thinks it is time to create one universal solution, so users would buy software in one place and know that “they’d have it on all devices and all platforms.”