Epic Games Store launches First Run program allowing devs to get 100% revenue in exchange for exclusivity

Epic Games has introduced a new program for third-party developers on its store. Its main bonus is a 100% revenue share for temporary exclusivity.

Epic First Run program allows devs of exclusive games get 100% revenue share

What is Epic First Run program?

  • According to the official announcement, the Epic First Run exclusivity program is aimed at third-party developers publishing their titles on the Epic Games Store.
  • Participants won’t have to share revenue with the company during the first six months of exclusivity on the platform. After that, devs will have to pay a standard 12% fee.
  • It is worth noting that the Early Access period also counts towards the six-month exclusivity term.
  • For its part, Epic Games is committed to featuring exclusive titles during sales and other relevant campaigns and presenting them with a special exclusivity badge on the store.
  • Developers can also exit the First Run program at any time, returning to the 88/12 revenue split and being able to sell their games outside the Epic Games Store.

How can developers participate in the program?

The First Run program is open for:

  • New games launching on or after October 16, 2023;
  • Titles not previously released on any other third-party PC store or included in a subscription service on PC;
  • Games without a pre-existing exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store.

On top of that, participants can’t sell their titles on other platforms like Steam or Miscrosoft Store during the six-month exclusivity period. The only exceptions are developers’ own websites, publishers’ stores, and Epic’s keyless redemption program, which allows selling games on selected stores such as Humble Store or Green Man Gaming.

Registration will open on October 16 through Epic’s self-publishing tools.

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