Analytics: in 2022, European gamers spent €24.5 billion on games

The European gaming market continues to grow, according to the report of the organization Video Games Europe (formerly ISFE). According to her, last year the market revenue increased by 5% to €24.5 billion.

▪️42% of the €24.5 billion European gamers spent on console games. They spent the same amount on mobile games, and 13% on PC games.

41.5% of European gamers’ spending was on digital versions of games for consoles and PCs. For physical versions — only 17%. Another 41.5% of spending was on mobile games.

▪️Over the year, there were 1.4% more gamers in Europe. At the end of 2022, there were 126.5 million people. The average age of European gamers is 32 years.

▪️110 thousand people were employed in the European gaming industry last year (+12%). Most of the game dev specialists worked in the UK (20,975), France (18,000), Poland (12,100), Germany (10,960) and Spain (8,833).

▪️26% of all industry workers are artists. Another 21% are developers, and 20% are designers.


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