WN Conference is coming to the US for the first time. WN Seattle’21 will take place on November 16-17 in Seattle, Washington. It’s paired with the online event WN North America Online’21, which will run November 15-19. Here’s a brief overview of the events and what to expect from them.

WN Seattle’21 — November 16–17

The on-site event is focused on the US video games market. The WN team is confident that WN Seattle’21 will let the US-based industry professionals safely meet in person, exchange news and experience, as well as renew existing partnerships.

As usual, the US edition will feature talks, an expo zone, and an informal networking event:

  • There’s a single track of talks planned for WN Seattle’21. Among the speakers are the representatives of the gaming companies (Pocket Games), investment firms (CVCapital), production firms (Amber), press (VentureBeat), and NFT-related businesses (OP Games). There are about 30 talks prepared for two days;
  • The expo zone is ready for 500 on-site visitors, who will be able to access booths, lounge zones, meeting points, conference rooms, and developer showcase;
  • For the informal part, there’s a networking party planned for the inaugural night of the conference. 

WN North America Online’21 — November 15–19 

The online business conference is dedicated to the video games industry of North America. Local teams, services, and games are in the spotlight here. The event will attempt to break down the rules of how the North American video games market works. 

The participants can visit the virtual expo zone, chat or schedule an online meeting, and, of course, attend the lectures by industry experts. 

The program for WN North America Online’21 has 35 talks during its three online days (November 15, 18, and 19). Among the speakers, there are representatives of analytics company Niko Partners, monetization platform AdColony, art services and game development company GameVision, game studio Miniclip, and others.

How are these events connected?  

Both events share the online space at the WN Hub platform. 

Besides the on-site program, WN Seattle’21 attendees will also able to: 

  • access WN North America Online’21;
  • chat with the participants of both events via the Hub ; 
  • schedule meetings on the virtual platform and watch lectures there. 

The WN North America Online’21 guests will be able to: 

  • access talks taking place at the venue in Seattle — in other words, they get five days’ worth of talks, including three online-only days and two days broadcast from Seattle;
  • chat remotely with the guests of the Seattle conference.

Basically, WN Seattle’21 and WN North America Online’21 make up a single hybrid conference that has both an on-site part and an online program. 

The conferences are held by WN Media Group. Learn more about other events here.