Supercharging creativity and workflows with AI – explored in final episode of AI Talks' first season

The first season of AI Talks, a series of weekly discussions on AI, is coming to an end with a new episode. Join the talk to get some insights on boosting creativity with new technologies and the potential challenges that come with it.

The new episode of AI Talks starts today, June 1, at 6pm UTC+3. You can register and join the webinar for free using this link

Today’s guest is Oleg Yusupov, CEO and co-founder of Phygitalism, a developer of visual solutions based on AI, AR, and VR. He also runs Phygital+, a generative AI platform that gives artists access to a library full of dozens of neural networks and tools.

This is already the fifth episode of AI Talks and its main topic of discussion is: “Supercharging Creativity and Workflows.” Yusupov will discuss the work of Phygital+, the use of machine learning tools in game development, the possible dangers of using AI, and answer ‌some questions from co-hosts, WN Media Group COO Julia Lebedeva and program director Antonio Pasalic.

The conversation with Oleg Yusupov wraps up the first season of AI Talks. After the livestream, the webinar will be available in the lecture archive on the WN Hub communication platform, along with four previous episodes. They featured Syndrome.ai CEO Stephanie Bouchard, Ludo.ai CEO Tom Pigott, Charisma co-founder Guy Gadney, and MOBGames.AI CEO Bjørn Furuknap.

AI Talks is a series of weekly webinars hosted by WN Media Group ahead of the AI For Business conference, which will focus on the use of AI technologies in video games, marketing, and FinTech. The event will take place on June 7-8 in Istanbul, Turkiye, along with the traditional WN Istanbul’23 conference for games industry professionals.

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